We improve efficiency optimising the employee experience on all levels of your company.

While we look at your firm, we particularly focus on:


The quality and quantity of staff

Optimised labor costs

Digital skills

Innovation abilities

REVIT.HR in numbers


Our consultants have in total 100 years of experience in the field of change management, talent management and HR transformation. The longest experience is 25 years, the shortest two years.


Every day, apart from Polish, we speak four other foreign languages (English, French, German and Spanish). So our team combines Polish efficiency, French art, the vivre and the British spirit of innovation.


We spent more than 300 hours yearly interviewing and researching employees opinions.


In total our team spent almost 40 years studying.


Our largest customer company employs 80 000 people worldwide the smallest - 70


We analyzed and optimized compensation and benefits systems worth more than 1 000 000 000 zł (250 000 000 euro). In addition, we evaluated more than 1 000 jobs.

Let’s set off today on a journey to the future of
your company.
The market will not wait for us. Why now?

Many companies face that dilemma as salaries regularly grow. We help you uncover your team’s sleeping resources: innovation, competencies, and corporate culture.

We think there is no situation without issue, and each company has unused human potential. To unleash it, we improve the employee experience and help your team develop 21st-century skills.

We know from experience that whether for the sake of efficiency, agility or resilience to the rapidly changing environment, your employees will find solutions if they are given the opportunity.

We use technology every day. But, do your employees also have access to it? If not, they may be using precious time in the analogue reality, wondering why their work is so different from their customer experience outside the company. We help you to use technology to build employee experience.

Our consultants research every day the reality of companies. We listen to your needs but also those of your employees. Based on this research and our knowledge, as well as our experience in C-level roles, we propose solutions adapted to your company and easy to implement.

From our blog:

We are keen to share our knowledge, it is part of our corporate social responsibility. This is why we run our blog and share knowledge also on our profiles in social media.