Dear Visitor, welcome!

My name is Anna Gnoińska. I am happy that you have reached our site, looking for new solutions in the field of people and culture management. But be aware that taking this journey with us means going out of your comfort zone and off the beaten path.

During my professional career, I had the chance to work for and advise companies from different industries on the Polish market and internationally.

Most of my C-level positions combined elements of change management, people management and communications. This is how I learned that management and social responsibility are strongly linked together and decided to share this knowledge with others.

I am deeply convinced that efficiency results from the connection of different factors. Still, the core component of every successful company is its people, especially in times when technology is available for all and therefore is no longer a source of competitive advantage.

This is why, with my Daughter and good friends, we founded REVIT.HR. Our main objective is to help you develop a seamless employee experience within your company. This is why we always start a project by assessing your needs and preparing tailor-made offers adapted to your situation.

Our principal asset is our knowledge. Our main tactic is discussion. Our primary tool is listening.
We share common values: we build bridges, not walls, we do not fear technology, we add value to the company of our customers, we continuously learn and gain new knowledge.

Our Team

Natalia Gnoińska, Co-founder and Partner:

creative thinking expert

Magdalena Guillet, Senior Consultant:

talent management and development expert

Krzysztof Albrychiewicz, Senior Consultant:

brand management and research methodology expert

Paweł Ormański, Trainer:

engineer, project management and energy transformation expert

Wiktoria Luka, Junior Consultant:

Law School student and valuable support to our team.

Loupin, Chief Wellbeing Dog:

mindfulness and work life balance trainer