Organisational management

Cooperation without siloes and flexible organisation are the keys to building your organisation's agility and resilience. In the 21st century, employees want to play an active role, have a purpose, and not read complicated policies. They want to cooperate and not compete; they want transparency, not bureaucracy. This is where we can intervene to help you to optimise your organisation.


Increasing efficiency means optimising the employee experience (EX). One of the three EX components is your corporate culture. You cannot purchase it and implement it out of the context because it is difficult to change habits. Corporate culture is not easy to change because it takes time to remodel certain behaviours. However, we believe it is possible to impact the corporate culture, and we offer you efficient ways to achieve it.

Change Management

The HR team plays a crucial role when your company faces change. It can be a new market, a merger, or a change in the strategy. Employees and other company stakeholders must be convinced and sure of the new project and actively support it. REVIT.HR experts use their own experience as project leaders in change management to help you prepare the process. We help during the whole implementation phase, throughout the transformation of your new experience, and into a new way of management.

Skills development

The competence gap is a factor of weaker competitiveness. To fill this gap, companies will invest in training and recruitment. We help you build a map of competencies dedicated to your company that will allow you to fulfil the strategy. Our approach is very pragmatic. We are convinced that in the 21st century, knowledge is easier to gain than personal and social competencies.