It’s a hard job to be a HR manager part 2

In the first part of this series, we mentioned the challenges of workforce diversity. Diversified HR is important, but it is not the aim in itself. At any kind of enterprise, there are both external and internal imperatives for business in general. And probably the most common externally forced business imperative nowadays is innovation. But what is innovation? And what does it have to do with HR?

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It’s a hard job to be a HR manager part 1

The truth is no matter the scale or industry type you’re operating in, the quality of your workforce will directly and significantly impact your organisational success. Innovation is the king and constant change the queen. You need not only skilled and talented, but foremost motivated and engaged people to help you through these challenges. On the other hand, globalisation has been constantly changing the job market, which now offers a wide range of diverse employment opportunities, and people around the globe migrate to take advantage of them.

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To be or not to be … able to adapt – the need of flexibility in uncertain times

According to the famous chess player Garri Kasparov, what differs a winner from a loser is the willingness to do the ‘unthinkable’. The slightly ambiguous and brutally honest words do not surprise anymore. They, however, do remind us about the need for a fresh perspective, new distance, and critical look on our work; despite whether our career, project or simply our life plans are a success or not.

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